No Mercy! 015 (July 2013) – Download here!

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This is Jan Waterman’s new monthly podcast that airs on the Electro channel of DI.FM. Tune in every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1PM EST/6PM UK/19:00 CET.


00. Jan Waterman feat. Sinan Kurtulus – No Mercy! (intro)
01. Fractal (USA) – Atrium [Monstercat]
02. Sam Worsley – Sidewalk Elegy [Big Fish Recordings]
03. 20KID – The Vibe [Houserecordings]
04. Hellberg & Deutgen feat. Matilda Dahlberg – The End (Follow My Heart) [Spotlight Compilation Vol. 2]
05. Bibz – Wake Up [Funkk Sound Recordings]
06. Novaspace feat. Marie L – Like A Magnet [Pyramid Recordings]
07. Chrizz Luvly – The Bay [Dirty House Army]
08. Zero Hero feat. Molly – Suffocate [No Tomorrow Recordings]
09. Au5 & Fractal (USA) – Subvert [Adapted Records]
10. Pegboard Nerds – How U Feelin’ [Monstercat]
11. Stereotronique feat. Holly Drummond – No Holding On [Monstercat]
12. Sebastien Benett – Let Me See Those Hands [BugEyed Records]
13. Benny Benassi feat. John Legend – Dance the Pain Away (Dyro Remix) [Ultra]
14. Karetus – Rave On! [No Tomorrow Recordings]
15. Vicetone feat. Jonny Rose – Stars (Kill FM Remix) [Trice Recordings]
16. Cyberpunkers – Whatta Mask (Access Denied Remix) [Freakz Me Out Records]
17. Nimbus & Atomic Drop feat. Cheshire Cat – Mad Hatter (I.Y.F.F.E Remix) [Adapted Records]
18. Jus Jack & Oza – Beauty and the Beast [Dim Mak Records]
19. Still Alive – Specter (Blackbird Sound Remix) [Rockforce Records]
20. Zero Hero – Theme [No Tomorrow Recordings]
21. AK9 feat. Tyler Hunt – Crazy [Spotlight Compilation Vol. 2]
22. Monster Kill feat. Melissa Hollick – Falling [Dirty Duck Audio]
23. Soulfix – Spacebar Assassins (Toprek Mix) [Pyramid Recordings]
24. MUST DIE! – Snowcone [Never Say Die Records]
25. Virtual Riot & Razihel – One For All, All For One [Monstercat]
26. Savant – Kali 47 [SectionZ Records]
27. KillSonik – Leviathan [MTA Records]


No Mercy! 015 (July 2013) by Jan Waterman / Men At War on Mixcloud


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