Men At War: remixes

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Thomas Tribal - Into The Deep EP

01. Into The Deep (Original Mix)
02. Into The Deep (Men At War Remix)
03. Into The Deep (Mark Rey Without Fear Remix)
04. I Want Funk (Original Mix)
05. All Right It’s Techno (Original Mix)

Genre: Hardgroove Techno
Release date: 20 March 2013
Label: Groove Soldiers

Peppelino - Indicator EP

01. WTF
02. Click On Your Face
03. Out Now (Men At War Remix)
04. Mauritania

Genre: Techno
Release date: 2 May 2012
Label: Valvula Records

Josh Love & Proteck - Funky Frenchie

01. Funky Frenchie (Original Mix)
02. Funky Frenchie (Men At War Remix)
03. Funky Frenchie (Trevor Benz Mental's Edit)

Genre: Techno
Release date: 5 April 2012
Label: Banging Records

Homma Honganji - Fengshen Yani

01. Fengshen Yani (Original Mix)
02. Fengshen Yani (Esteban Arroyo Remix)
03. Fengshen Yani (Modulador B Remix)
04. Fengshen Yani (Men At War Remix)

Genre: Techno
Release date: 28 March 2012
Label: Underground Family Records

Homma Honganji - Overland EP

01. Tea Ceremony (Original Mix)
02. Tea Ceremony (Alejandro Roman Remix)
03. Straight Of Gibraltar (Original Mix)
04. Straight Of Gibraltar (Men At War Remix)

Genre: Techno
Release date: 3 January 2012
Label: Valvula Records